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Are YOU a Paper Millionaire?

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As we explore why our clients need our help to plan their successions, we realize how important and how much reliance they have on one thing – their business that is worth millions on paper.  Introducing our very own Joe Viking “paper millionaire extraordinaire.”

Common themes serving the business owner in my career have become so apparent – I am always amazed at the wealth that the small or family owned business owner has accumulated in one place. I am equally amazed at how slowly that wealth is actually converted into $$.

So here you have “Joe Viking” whom everyone thinks is doing great. He or she (Joe could be SHE; feel free to substitute throughout this piece) is an asset to their community. He has built a strong company with a family feel.  He cares for all of his employees.  He has a nice home and drives a new car every year that shines and exemplifies the badge of Joe’s success.

However – Once you dig in behind the “curtains” at Joe Viking’s assets, you realize that like most successful business owners that are worth millions of dollars – the business bank account has something significantly less than “1 million dollars” in it, their personal savings have something significantly less than “1 million” in it, and their retirement savings often have something significantly less than “1 million” in it that you begin to realize how reliant they are on the exit of their business to achieve the financial freedom that on the surface it appears has already been achieved.  As a result of the lack of 1 million, the financial planners aren’t typically focused on Joe Viking’s plan due to lack of liquidity and Joe typically thinks he can make more money than any financial planner could so he keeps reinvesting in his business.  Joe Viking believes he can do everything he puts his mind to do and does his own financial planning just like every other important decision….but what if there was a different ANSWER!

You see…  if Joe Viking has 90% of his eggs in one basket (because like most business owners he bet on himself) and built his business off the back of a paper napkin, a home equity line, sweat, etc. and… NOW that one Stock certificate is worth 3 Million! – The only time Joe ever really feels like a millionaire is when he prepares his net worth statement on PAPER! and sends it to his banker.

How can we turn the PAPER into real $$ before more coffee is spilled and the paper isn’t worth its weight in millions?

At Viking, our job is to explore the options of the “PAPER Millionaire,” provide diligence and insight into the value of their business, and to begin to plan their future financial plan. As part of our 90 day succession planning process, we will explore value, potential buyers, exit strategies, tax specific strategies, goal setting, personal, family, and business plans, a mock diligence on the sale of your business, and deliver tangible suggestions and implementation plans to execute the first step to your financial freedom.

OH –AND WHEN they are ready to Sell – we can assist in converting PAPER to $$….

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