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Managing Expectations with Ourselves, Customers, Vendors, Employees & Donors

managing expectations

As I seek to learn more about myself, I am paying closer attention to what drives frustration and satisfaction.   My frustration comes from my own high expectations of myself and others along with my own “unrealistic” timelines for things to happen and expectations of others.   My satisfaction comes from helping others achieve their goals and objectives, sharing success with others, achieving positive results, being supported and recognized for my successes and my excitement for what the future may hold.

Managing expectations – What is the promise that I can make right now in my relationship with another person?  What do they expect of me and what do I expect of them?  What actions will I take and within what time will I take it?  Should I make a promise?  With no promise is there no expectation?

We have all heard the terms – Overpromise and under-deliver and Under-promise and over-deliver – my goal is always to be authentic with my commitment and deliver on it. Oftentimes my downfall is saying YES without managing my own capacity and the capacities of the team. Our team is at its best when we have enough time and capacities to deliver on the promise – where do you stand in this place?  I am always seeking to increase our team’s capacities to serve others so I don’t have to say NO, so how do I increase capacities but not mess up efficiency?  How should I go about saying NO instead of yes?

What happens when you fall short of a goal?  I expect that I at least increased the value of the situation or that I left it better than I found it.

Let’s explore the day to day expectations. When I dig a little deeper I think of what I want our Viking clients to experience within our mission, what our employees experience within their jobs, our Make An Impact stakeholders/donors/board members experiences within our foundation and what we expect from our vendors – I feel there is a common correlation across all sectors.


I know that I am not alone in wanting our clients to have the best experience possible.  Our business owners want to know that we will add value in our succession planning or get the best price if we sell their business with the best buyer that fits their culture within a specific timeline at market peak.  Of course, this is not all within our control as God always reminds me of this in times of frustration and as I fail at “perfection (over and over again).”

At Viking, our expectation and experience is to achieve an increase in value based upon our advice as we assist our business owners in planning their exit strategy and ultimate sale of their business.  We expect to achieve a competitive price within 95% of valuation or better, a good buyer fit, within 12 months (on average 6 to 8 months) once we are hired to sell the business.  That does not mean we can assert that we will get 10 times EBITDA for our customers, or that the buyers will be their best friends after the sale.  It does not mean that we can perform or fix your business when things change and still achieve the same sales price.  It does mean is that we will market the business and sell the business at the agreed price or within 5% variance and we will drive competition and strive to exceed our valuation.  Also, we will find a buyer that is financially qualified and has the desire to care for the business and its employees as their own. We don’t expect a buyer to run the business the same way as our sellers but we do expect them to be aligned with our seller’s wishes at the time of closing.


Our donors expect that we will transform and create opportunities and successes within our projects that serve children and to stretch their dollar the farthest. They want 100% of their dollar to achieve the cause. They want emotional experience and connections with their giving.  They want tax deductions.  They want credit for their contributions.  They want to enter heaven.

Within our foundation, we expect that we will find a donor champion and a project champion for each project that benefits underprivileged children.  We expect that all stakeholders participate in fundraising.  We expect that 85% of funds will be there to achieve the end goal as we use 15% to support tax/legal/insurance, a website to maintain, and we have to pay employees to serve the mission.  We expect our donors to involve themselves with time or money or both.  We expect them to think differently about giving and to attack status quo.  We expect our donors to challenge and support the empowerment of themselves, our children, our board members, and our team.  We expect our donors to stay tuned and to maintain a long relationship.  We expect our team to appreciate our donors.


Our employees and our team expectations of leadership is to be paid fairly, they want to be challenged with new opportunity, they want to get better at what they do and master their crafts, they want us to be flexible and they want guidance and coaching, and they want to pursue our mission to help our business owners and entrepreneurs to realize wealth from the transition of their most important asset or in the case of our Foundation they want all children to have opportunities to succeed in life despite the circumstances.

Our firm’s promise to our team is to provide all of the resources available to foster each teammates mission to accomplish their career goals.  That does not mean we will guarantee a salary for performing the same function or service without continuous improvement and growth, it does not mean it is ok to respond to a customer more than 24 hours later, it does not mean flexibility includes 2 month vacations (without proper planning), it does not mean we will support the mastery of a different career altogether, and it does not mean every goal will be accomplished.  It does mean – we will reward results – we will celebrate them caring for our customers – we will provide runway to innovative new ways to do things – we will be there when it’s time to elevate careers into new roles – we will be there when our team has a tragedy or a miracle of a newborn – we will support smart hard work and a good quality of life – we will lead by example and share our own failures and experiences with them – we will support our team in the face of challenge from a customer – we will push our team to be very good at their craft.

OUR VENDORS across all disciplines

Our vendors expect to be paid on time for the work that they perform for us, they expect to be respected for their expertise, and they desire to make a profit.

We expect our vendors to perform tasks on time, in budget, and to look for opportunities for our firm/our charity/and our personal benefit to be improved upon.  We oftentimes expect a value or an item that will improve our lives, save us money, make us money, drive efficiency, save or find us time, or perhaps they are just basic needs.   We expect our Prospective vendors to sell their services, customize their deliveries, work in our interests, and the standard will always be higher than the last vendor.  We expect our vendors to make a profit but we expect their performance to be better than their peers who may be cheaper.

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