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Has Orlando captured your interest and your imagination, and you’re ready to call it the place you live and work? The business brokers at Viking Mergers & Acquisitions can help you find a business opportunity that will fit your budget and your lifestyle. And if you’re a current Orlando business owner who is ready to retire and enjoy all the recreation and entertainment the city has to offer, we can assist you as well; for more than twenty years, we’ve helped entrepreneurs and business owners in Orlando and throughout Florida to successfully price and sell their businesses.

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With its strong talent pipeline, top-ranked infrastructure and business-friendly environment, Orlando, FL is a smart choice for business owners who want to set up shop in a place that checks all of the proverbial boxes. But there’s much more to Orlando than just business; in addition to being “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” the city offers a variety of things to do no matter what your interest, from attending performances by the Orlando Ballet and the Orlando Shakespeare Theater to catching an Orlando Magic basketball game. If you’ve only known Orlando as a great place to vacation, what you may not realize is that living and working here is even better!

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Are you considering listing your Orlando, FL business for sale? How can you be certain that you aren’t asking too much or too little? The best way to feel confident about your asking price is to get a scientific valuation of your business that takes into account all of its unique elements as well as the Orlando business environment. And Viking is delighted to provide you with a custom business valuation free, with no obligation.

Whether you’re simply thinking about selling your business or it’s currently listed for sale but not yet under contract, get in touch with our experienced business brokers. We’re one of the largest, most successful business brokerages in the Southeast; if you like what you see in your business valuation and decide to move forward with us, we’ll put your business in front of our private, vetted network of more than 2,500 potential buyers who are all actively looking for business opportunities. It’s all part of our proven 7-step sales process which keeps you informed throughout while ensuring you’re getting every dollar you deserve for your business.

The 7 Step Viking Sales Process

  1. Free business valuation and consulting
  2. Custom business packaging and marketing
  3. Potential buyer vetting and pre-screening
  4. Buyer/seller meeting
  5. Purchase offer review/negotiation
  6. Due diligence and ongoing marketing
  7. Sales closing

Helping You Buy a Business in Orlando, FL

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business but aren’t certain of the next step, we can help. Whether you’re looking to ease into entrepreneurship from your current office job or are looking to leave a legacy for your grandchildren, our experienced business brokers know the questions to ask that will help lead you to a business that will work for you today and in the future. Get in touch with us today to learn more about businesses for sale in Orlando, FL.

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