Buyer Registration Form (Step 3 of 3):

The final step in our Buyer Registration process is to submit a signed copy of our NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as well as a Personal Financial Statement.  These two documents are required in order for us to release any details regarding the businesses we have listed for sale.  This is to protect our Sellers’ right to confidentiality.  If you do not complete these two forms, then we will not be able to provide any details on businesses we have for sale.

To submit these two forms, please simply download each via the links below and then complete them, sign them, and return via fax or email.  You can email to or fax to 704-555-1234.  Then, please complete the short form below to let us know you have submitted these and we will review them ASAP.

FAQ 1:  Do I need to fill out a new NDA each time I want information on a new business you have listed for sale?

No.  You can complete just one NDA and our system will remember that you have one on file and allow you to request information on multiple business listings.

FAQ2:  Will I be prohibited from receiving information about certain businesses based on the values in my Personal Financial Statement?

Generally speaking the answer here is no.  We are not approving you for a loan, so those finer details are between you and your bank or financiers.  However, we do reserve the right to decline to present you with details on a particular business if the Seller has stipulated that they are only interested in potential Buyers with a certain liquid net worth, for example.  This is not common though.