Form Submitted

Thank you for notifying us that you have submitted a signed NDA and a signed Personal Financial Statement.  A team member will verify that we have received these documents shortly. Once confirmed, you will be noted as a “registered prospective buyer” in our system.  This means that you will be elligible to receive profiles on new businesses that you specifically inquire about – without having to complete a new NDA each time.  Additionally, you will be notified via email when a business that meets your buying criteria is available for sale.  Don’t worry, you can change your criteria or opt-out of those emails at any time.

Please note:  Your buyer registration is tied to your email address.  In order to request business profiles or additional details about a business we have for sale, you must use the same email address you used when completing this registration process.

How Long Will It Take To Get Registered?

We manually review all submitted NDAs and Personal Financial Statements so this depends on when you submit these documents.  It typically takes no more than 1-2 business days.