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We Have Selected a Recipient for our Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship!

Garrett Barton

At Viking Mergers & Acquisitions, we believe in cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs. Small businesses are the heart of the American economy, and to support the future of small business owners, our firm created the Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship. Founded in August 2015, the goal of the Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship is to help young entrepreneurs pay for their education while also promoting a strong community of passionate and innovative millennial entrepreneurs.

The selection of the recipient has been a long and difficult process. Seeing what the future of small business looks like for America is truly inspiring, especially when there are so many dedicated applicants to choose from. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our applicants for taking the time to apply and praise you for your talent, hard work, and commitment.

After carefully considering a number of impressive applicants, we are excited to announce the official winner of the Spring 2018 Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship: Garrett Barton!

Garrett Barton has been a college student since 2014. He holds an associate’s degree in Business Administration and is an incoming transfer student at the University of Houston where he plans to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship. He enjoys the great outdoors and learning about business. Garrett lives in Houston, Texas.

Our scholarship essay asked applicants: If you could start a company or business with a celebrity (dead or alive), whom would it be and why? Also, what type of company or business would you start with that celebrity and why?

Here is an excerpt from Garrett’s winning essay:

“Given the opportunity, I would start a tour guide service with Les Stroud. We, with other nature enthusiasts, would take groups camping in some of the most premier national parks this country has to offer. For a reasonable fee, we would show them the best camping spots, teach them invaluable survival skills, and give them tips to make camping both more fun and easy. I know Les has a tremendous survival skillset and has coached people in the past, above all, I have seen him climb a mountain while also filming himself do it, the man is the perfect fit!”

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions offers the Entrepreneur Endorsement Scholarship on a bi-annual basis and encourages students to apply for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester. Congratulations again to Garrett Barton and best of luck to all future applicants.

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