Brad Offerdahl


Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions (HQ)
17250 Lancaster Hwy, Ste 601
Charlotte, NC 28277

Brad spent 17 years in Corporate America and rose to become a corporate officer of a Fortune 500 Company at the age of 35. Most of his time in corporate life was spent working on large overseas sales projects and negotiating deals with overseas companies and governments. This experience has lent itself well to Viking Mergers & Acquisitions business.

Brad left Corporate America 28 years ago and has since bought and successfully built 4 businesses, including Viking Mergers & Acquisitions which he and his son Jay founded in 1996. Viking Mergers & Acquisitions and its staff of professional intermediaries have won numerous company and individual awards over the years, but Brad is most proud of the outstanding professionals that are part of the Viking Mergers & Acquisitions team!