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Ian Giovinco was born and raised in Tampa, Florida.  He graduated from Jesuit High School in 1984 and Florida State University in 1989 where he attained a double major in Political Science and Economics.   Following graduation from law school in Mississippi, Ian returned to Florida where he has been a member of the Florida Bar Association and licensed to practice law in Florida since 1993.

Mr. Giovinco practices in the areas of estate planning, asset protection, and business continuity planning.  The majority of his practice involves drafting trusts, wills, health care documents and performing asset protection audits for his clients.  As part of this practice, Ian also drafts buy-sell agreements among business partners to ensure the smooth transfer of business assets upon death, disability, retirement or sale of the business. Giovinco is also a speaker for the Continuing Education Academy, the largest provider of continuing education classes for contractors and developers in the state of Florida.

As an Estate Planning Attorney with many family owned business clients, Giovinco knows that one of the most frustrating parts in managing and selling a business is determining its value. He knows that Viking’s ability to value their client’s business on an annual basis is priceless. Giovinco wants clients to know that valuations not only help prepare the client’s business for sale but provide information and the time to potentially increase the value of the business operation. He says that there cannot be a successful exit strategy without a thorough valuation of the business and the factors that create that value.

Maximizing the value of the business takes planning by all parties,” says Giovinco. “The company attorneys, accountants and financial advisors all have a part to play in creating a successful exit strategy and sale of the company. Viking has a long history of working with the professionals to help maximize the value of the business and provide for the most tax advantaged exit plan.