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Storage Tank Testing, Inspection and Repair Business (#1401)

Tall storage tanks

This company provides testing, inspection, and repair services for underground and above ground storage tanks. Governmental regulations sparked a focus on compliance testing to meet environmental regulations for petroleum storage tanks and lines.

Approximately 30% of sales are repetitive from testing that is required annually or every 3 years. The customer base for 2016 was 600 at around 1,300 various locations.  The current customer base is in the Eastern and Southeastern US.

The company sets itself apart in their industry by their exceptional customer service and high-quality work. They have had a 20% annual growth rate for the past 2 years. A fantastic opportunity for a strategic looking to expand or a financial buyer looking for an owner operator opportunity.

Listing Price: $655,000.00

Revenues: $1,290,000.00
Adjusted Cash Flow: $180,000.00
Location: Carolinas
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