Established in 2009, this company is the original timeshare debt cancelation company and is the in the cancellation and removal of consumer timeshare debt. The decade old timeshare debt cancellation industry is a relatively new phenomenon which provides an option for consumers who are stuck with timeshare debt and annual expenses when the timeshare ownership no longer fits their lifestyle.

This company’s primary focus is complete timeshare debt elimination.  They offer a 100% money back guarantee and have a near perfect success rate. They are known for their industry expertise, their streamlined, proprietary, and formalized process.  Their white glove approach along with their detailed and dedicated solutions permanently eliminate consumer timeshare debt, consumer timeshare contracts, and provides permanent credit protection on consumer credit reports.

  • 40 full time staff with timeshare industry sales experience
  • Inhouse training program and training manual develops employees w/zero industry experience into high level negotiators and cancelation specialists
  • Single location isn’t geographically significant to the business operation
  • Consistent 50% profit margins
  • Successfully eliminated time share debt w/each of the major timeshare resort companies
  • Customer base continues to grow annually
  • Multiple product lines and avenues for consumer protection
  • Growing market position available due to lack of sophisticated competition
  • Minimal expenses associated with expansion opportunities, infrastructure is built to grow revenue
  • National presence with an established brand name
  • Best in class process, superior quality, high customer satisfaction and extremely low overhead costs

Please contact Josh Stamey and Greg Ponder at 704-676-4992 or and


Location: East Coast

Listing Price: Market Value

Revenues: $6,234,450

Adjusted Cash Flow: $2,358,427


Revenues: $6,234,450.00
Adjusted Cash Flow: $2,358,427.00
Location: East Coast




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