This licensed High-Rise Condo and HOA Management Company is based out of a coastal area of Florida. This company prides itself in having strong relationships with all their clients, who serve as the board of directors for each homeowner association. The company is over a decade old and represents 30 plus communities totaling 5,000 units. The current owner and staff use attention to detail, excellent customer service, and quick response time to establish an excellent reputation and attract more clients.

The company utilizes the latest technology to ensure the highest level of efficiency for each HOA client. The company has contracts with small and large associations to reduce risk and allowing the company a large target market with plenty of growth opportunities.

This is a solid business for a new owner to step into a growing industry. The company has a sturdy client base and an experienced, loyal management team already in place. A new owner would have ample room to expand this company within the counties they are already serving and in surrounding areas.

This business was recently sold by Viking Mergers & Acquisitions. Please view our other listings or contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a business.