Systems and Team in Place for Massive Growth

Company Overview:

• The company specializes in vocational education, offering accelerated training programs as a practical and cost-efficient alternative to traditional 2 and 4-year degrees.
• Their core focus lies in Information Technology (IT), providing crucial certifications necessary for career progression. Complementing their IT offerings, they provide essential business courses spanning project management, human resources, process management, and service desk management.
• Their service portfolio encompasses flexible weekly and evening classes, featuring an array of 50 courses. Courses are tailored to help students learn the material quickly and efficiently in a short time span from certified subject-matter experts.
• Approximately 70% of their revenue originates from B2C training, attracting individuals seeking career transitions, certifications, or skill enhancements within the IT sector. The remaining 30% is derived from B2B clients, including local enterprises and government contracts, all dedicated to empowering their workforce with up-to-date skills tailored to industry requirements.

• The company has partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, and many other prestigious IT companies. New partnerships are added every year as technology changes and new products catch traction in the workplace.
• The South Carolina Commission of Higher Education recognizes this company as a licensed, non-degree, occupational training institution.
• Subject-matter experts are present for every class to oversee the blended in-person and remote-based learning environment. All instructors maintain certifications in all the classes that they teach.
• The company is authorized to accept funding from state, federal, and military for vocational training and offer discounted or subsidized pricing to qualified candidates.
• They are a candidate school ACCET Accreditation to prove compliance with established qualifications and standards.
• The company has a culture of dedicated extraordinary service that has earned them a 95% student satisfaction rating.

Employees & Operations:
• The company has a veteran and long-tenured management team and instructors. Many have been with the company for over 10 years. The team is in place to run the company efficiently without the owner.
• There are several potentially significant opportunities to increase sales and profit such as targeting recent graduates or pursuing healthcare certification courses.

This is an impressive company with a great customer base and a 10-year-plus track record of winning. This business will sell very quickly.

  • 2022

    Revenue: $3,198,588

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $762,870


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