2018 Revenue:                         $4,464,249                                

2018 Cash-Flow:                      $1,716,910    

2017 Revenue:                         $3,234,048

2017 Cash Flow:                      $1,359,352

2016 Revenue:                         $2,540,638

2016 Cash-Flow:                         $981,904


  • The Business is founder-owned and managed.
  • This Business offers interested buyers the unique opportunity to own a highly successful private label manufacturing company that provides over 800 unique products for recognized household and commercial private label brands.
  • The Business has had year after year growth in revenue and owner cash-flow for the past 3 years and is seeing similar growth in 2019.
  • The founder oversees a seasoned staff for the success of the Business, thanks to the presence of a strong operational team who will stay in place post-closing to facilitate private label business development projects, operations, sales, and administrative activities.


  • This company is a leading business within their industry both nationally and internationally.
  • This private label business formulates and manufactures custom tuned restore, clean, polish, protect, and maintaining products for various businesses within the various industries.
  • The products manufactured by the business apply to cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, airplanes, home appliances and fixtures, outdoor structures, footwear, and indoor and outdoor furniture products.
  • Every product this Business formulates is unique to their client as they collaborate with their client to create product consistency and industry-leading detailing supplies and solutions and guarantee their clients that the product will remain strictly confidential.


  • Facilities include a total of 20,000 square feet with a 3-year triple net lease. This breaks down to 90% of manufacturing space, 10% of office space, and ample parking for employees and clear ingress/egress and turnaround for tractor trailers.
  • Landlord can add 10,000 square feet to the facility as needed for future growth
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