• Extremely successful two-office private practice with an excellent reputation that reaches deeply into the physician community and the high density of affluent traditional Medicare residential neighborhoods
  • This physical therapy practice is founded, owned and operated and has been operating since 1985.
  • Owner of the practice owns one location and is willing to sell or lease the space to a potential purchaser.



  • The practice specializes in the treatment of adult orthopedic disorders, vestibular disorders, gait/balance disorders, post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation
  • The practice services multiple areas within a large county on the East Coast of Florida.


Opportunities for Growth

  • Currently, the practice has no marketing or web presence. The addition of this could increase revenue by reaching new patients via the internet and local advertising.
  • The local community has a growing retirement community year over year which is an opportunity for patient increase.
  • The practice could offer its services to all ages, instead of adult specific to drive new business.
  • The practice could add other types of therapy practices such as acupuncture, massage, sport, etc. to offer other services to patients and increase revenue.


Strategic Established Customer Base & Location

  • The practice works with both private and the local hospitals’ primary and secondary physicians in the area which has created a reoccurring referral business.
  • One facility is located adjacent to the local medical center and the second facility is in a busy multi-use commercial plaza.


Our Competitive Edge

  • The practice has created a strong relationship with various doctors that work in the local hospital in the area and has also created a strong referral business from former patients and working in the surrounding communities.
  • This practice has been privately held and is not part of a publicly held or franchised medical group in result has created a community-based setting that creates an overall better experience for all its patients.
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