Ophthalmological Medical Practice with Outfitted Surgery Suite

This well-known eye care center has been a staple in the community for more than 20+ years. The current ophthalmologist has been an Ophthalmologist in Charlotte NC since 1975, performing General Ophthalmology along with Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma & Strabismus surgery and Radial Keratotomy (since 1991).

In 2001, he joined with a Businessman who owned several Optical stores who wanted to convert his Stores to “Discount Lasik Centers”. He was one of two Lasik Eye Surgeons that began to perform Laser-Vision Eye Surgery (Lasik & PRK).

This was the beginning of this company and in 2004 he became owner of this eye center and continued to perform Lasik & PRK Corrective Eye Surgery. During this time the Surgery Center began to do “general ophthalmology” with an Optical Center & full optical lab which include eye exams and diagnostic evaluations. And minor eye surgery for Pterygium. Over 1000 Pterygia surgeries and over 20,000 Laser refractive surgeries have been performed at this Center since 2001.

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