Located in a popular and growing area of Western North Carolina known for outdoor sports, casual lifestyles and upscale mountain homes, this 24-year-old company provides radon testing & mitigation, crawlspace encapsulation, insulation, basement waterproofing and mold remediation.

Many homeowners in the area also experience excessive moisture in their crawlspaces and basements that create indoor air quality concerns. Mold and mildew can cause serious respiratory illnesses. The business installs encapsulation and dehumidification systems and performs mold removal and waterproofing. Demand for these services continues to grow as homeowners become more aware of the potential hazards and seek to provide the healthiest living conditions for their families.

This business is an excellent opportunity for a “hands on” buyer seeking to own and operate a specialty trade contracting business. A contractor’s license is not required, but a basic knowledge of residential building codes and practical experience in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other building trades is very beneficial. The buyer should possess the skills needed to perform the work while having a professional demeanor and the ability to meet with homeowners, Realtors, contractors and others.

  • 2023

    Revenue: $1,500,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $480,000


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Jeff McKeehan

Managing Partner

Jeff McKeehan, a seasoned professional with a successful background in business operations and entrepreneurship, joins Viking Mergers after a successful acquisition of his own company, bringing expertise in sales, operations, strategy, and organizational development to help aspiring leaders and businesses transform and grow.

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