One-of-a-Kind Experience, 40+ Years of Continuity


  • This firm has four decades of industry expertise and has built a world class reputation for its high-quality product lines, well-educated and creative staff, well developed seasonal operational efficiencies, and unmatched customer service.
  • Seasoned and tenured employees provide educated support and guidance for customers. Several employees have been with the company for more than 10 years.
  • The fundamentals of reputation, economically diverse geographic location, a well indexed customer database, and organizational talent are in place for scalable expansion via new business development.
  • The company’s industry reputation has cemented an opportunity for significant growth in a market of consistent demand.
  • Huge potential investment for individual buyers and partnerships with digital marketing & retail experience. The owners have built a stable loyal customer following and have an impeccable industry reputation.
  • Well established, generational, and diverse customer base with 50,000+ clean customer contacts
  • Private brand and regional exclusivity on several product lines
  • Company culture is built upon a foundation of trust and shared purpose which has created a highly engaged team with decades of industry experience
  • Fully developed infrastructure and core competency process built to scale immediately
  • Revenue:


  • Cash Flow:



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Greg Ponder


Greg, an accomplished mergers and acquisitions expert with 20+ years of experience, has rejoined Viking Mergers & Acquisitions as an owner, specializing in custom exit strategies and successful sales of privately-held companies in the Carolina region, earning him a strong reputation as a trusted business intermediary.

linkedin.com/in/greg-ponder-2653758 gponder@vikingmergers.com

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