Max Roix

Associate Advisor

1000 N Ashley Drive, Suite 610
Tampa, Florida 33602

Phone(Office): 866.592.9133

Phone(Mobile): 727-458-0955

Tampa Office
1000 N Ashley Drive, Suite 610
Tampa, FL 33602

Born and raised in Seminole, Florida, Max attended Florida State University where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. While at Florida State, Max chaired two separate finance committees where he was responsible for allotting annual budgets to better fit the needs of his fellow students and peers on campus.

Having a passion for both service and people and being a natural leader, Max became an entrepreneur at a young age. While growing his vending services business through his high school years, he expanded his knowledge into real estate and the business development sectors. He successfully generated exponential growth from inception by providing outstanding customer service to a wide-ranging list of long-term contract commercial clients. Through his company’s partnerships, he learned the importance of proper communication and creative problem solving with several parties involved. Being a former business owner, Max brings an understanding and empathetic approach to dealing with current and potential clients. His hands-on experience and education have allowed him to develop a well-rounded skill-set and fundamental understanding of the big picture that owners contend with.

Max comes from a family of entrepreneurs and watched them own, operate, and sell small-to-medium sized businesses across the country so he has a clear understanding of business operations and what is involved with transactional sales. As a key member of the Viking team, Max walks both buyers and sellers through the sale providing a high level of support, insight, and integrity throughout the entire transaction ensuring a seamless process. His excellent project management and problem-solving skills help keep deals moving forward. Max works with lower middle market companies in various industries and has strengths in financial analysis, exit strategy development, business valuations, financial and legal due diligence, transaction negotiations, and buyer management. His exceptional people skills are what draw clients to him, as he is a superior advocate of their needs and typically exceeds their expectations.

In his personal time, Max enjoys golf, boating, and hunting.