Mergers and Acquisitions
(>$10mm Valuations)

In addition to buying and selling businesses outright, Viking Mergers & Acquisitions is also well-versed in mergers and acquisitions—so much so it’s in our name! If you’re interested in retaining some ownership of your business, or are selling a business in the $10mm+ range, we can help.

Businesses valued at over $10 million can garner interest from additional buyer pools – most notably private equity firms and larger strategic buyers.  By contrast, businesses valued at under $10 million tend to most often be acquired by individual or financial buyers.  Below is some additional info about our M&A services:

  • We have experience selling businesses valued at $10mm+. Viking has sold over 800 businesses since 1996.
  • We have experience working with Private Equity firms and Strategic Buyers. Businesses with selling prices of $10mm and above typically can attract interest from private equity firms, strategic buyers and other, similar entities—and we have experience selling to these types of firms and packaging businesses in a way that entices offers.
  • We can structure minority ownership deals. Many times in a business of this value, the seller wants to retain some sort of minority ownership—or the buyer wants the seller to stay involved in the business for a specific period of time, or even indefinitely. In a situation like this, we’ll work with the buyer to negotiate a deal that gets you the cash you need while allowing you to stay involved at a level that makes sense.

To learn more about Viking’s merger and acquisition services, contact us today.