Client Testimonials / Customer Reviews

We have been fortunate to work with over 800 business owners in helping them to sell their business.  Please read some of their comments about working with our team, below, or watch videos of our clients discussing the process of selling their business.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and phenomenal follow-up. Since a deal fell by the wayside due to covid last spring, it’s been a long journey searching and I have not before nor since had any kind of experience with a broker like I have had with Dan Wilson.

Prospective BuyerLinden Brooks

Keenan Moran did outstanding work throughout the process.  He was always there when I needed him.  He kept me posted throughout the sale process and he was always very responsive.  Our daughter, the attorney, was so pleased with the job he and Viking did, she’s referred other clients of hers to Keenan. My health is the best it’s been in years.  Zero stress and I’ve lost 80 pounds since we sold.  We bought a place at the beach and I love spending time down there with the kids and our granddaughter.  All in all, life is really good!

Builders Fireplace & SupplyRon Boles, Former Owner

Our representative, Kevin Carlisle of Viking Mergers was very professional, helpful and great to work with throughout the process of selling our business.  We first met Kevin back in March of 2018, my husband John and I were skeptical that he could find a qualified buyer that would be interested, within days he had appointments and interviews scheduled for us.  Throughout the process we wanted to make sure we had the best buyer to fit our needs and those of our employees.  Kevin was always enthusiastic to embrace change and very dedicated in finalizing the deal.   We finally closed in August 2020, we had a few setbacks with Covid-19 delaying our close date, but I can honestly say we owe this sale to Kevin for being highly organized and dedicated.  He was always there to help with paperwork and answer questions and spent many nights and weekends working on the final closing documents.  Most importantly, I could tell he took our best interest to heart, and that he really cared, as he knew it meant so much to us.  

AbatemasterJohn & Angela Tesh, Former Owners

Acquiring a business for many is a big undertaking full of emotion and risk.  As most business brokers represent the seller, as a buyer, it’s hard to sort through what is genuine and true while constantly questioning available information.  We connected with Jeff Edge at Viking after a series of interviews with different brokers.  In the end, we felt so strongly about the integrity of Viking that we committed our search through their listings.  What’s been equally impressive and helpful for us, is that this extends beyond them and to the networks of professionals in the various industries that play a role in the forward success.  This is no coincidence.  Thanks Viking!

Blazon Apparel + PrintChris Stanford, Owner

In the beginning of 2019, my business coach introduced me to Jay Offerdahl at Viking. We did a call and he suggested for me to get my business evaluated to see how it was performing. He offered to do one for free. He was easy to work with and provided tons of great information free. He didn’t try to push his services on me or trying to sell me anything. Later in the year I decided that I wanted to sell my business to be able to spend more time with my kids while they were still young. I instantly thought of Jay because was a great trusted advisor with my free valuation. I called Jay and he referred me to Greg White. I sure am glad he did.
Greg was awesome to work with. He is the most honest and dependable person I have ever met. A few times I was waffling on what I wanted to do. Greg advised me to wait if I wasn’t 100% sure. Most others in that position would have encouraged me to sell, but Greg always put my best interest above his own. Greg took care of all the details. He sent me exactly what I needed to do and coached me through doing it. We listed the business in January 2020. I received multiple full price offers in the first week.
The most important thing to me during this process was to find the right type of buyer. I wanted someone who would be compatible with the team and would keep the family focused culture. Greg took this very seriously. He didn’t waste my time with anyone that wasn’t a good fit. He talked to a hundred people, but I only had to talk to 5. Once we accepted an offer the real work began. I had no idea how many steps there were in selling a business. Greg managed the transfer process and kept us on track with weekly calls and checklist. He personally handled many calls and emails with vendors to help keep me focused on running my business and not having to spend all of my time on selling the business.
Greg’s and Vikings’ professional network was key to getting my deal done. They have great relations ships with attorneys, bankers, and all needed vendors. My deal would have falling apart a few times if it wasn’t for Greg and his network.
I highly suggest anyone interested in selling their business reach out to Greg and Jay. They will tell you honestly where you stand and help you get the full asking price and best buyer for your business. When I sell my next business, I will be calling Greg again.

Training ConceptsChad Todd, Former Owner

The team at Viking Mergers was instrumental in getting our business sold. Trevor and Jay laid out the process at the beginning and then assisted us along the way by referring us to numerous resources such as lawyers & accountants needed to get the sale completed. They were always focused on ensuring that we were successful in getting what we wanted out of the sale even when emotions and egos started surfacing. Trevor, in particular, was always available & kept us focused on achieving the goal of getting our company sold at the peak of our 12-year run. I have already and will continue to recommend Trevor, Jay, and Viking to others whom I know in the market for buying & selling companies. Thanks again to Viking, Jay & Trevor for making this such a wonderful experience & look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Trade Street ConsultingBrent OKeefe, Former Owner

Thanks to the entire team for getting the sale of Home Design Decor magazine over the goal line. Everyone at Viking that I was involved with were top notch professionals. Greg performed with determination with a great balance as the deal-facilitator and counselor for the buyer. It certainly is a delicate balance.

Home Design & Decor MagazineMark Urbania, Former Owner

Keenan Moran is a class act. He advised me through the process of buying Equipment Design and Fabrication. I always felt that he was not only looking out for my best interest, but that he was fairly assessing and making recommendations for everyone’s best interest. Sure, he is really smart, responsive, and a great problem solver, but also one of those great people you hope to work with again someday.

Equipment Design & FabricationJeremy Yaekel, Owner/President

Like the real estate agent who helps find the perfect house for you, Keenan Moran is a great combination of facilitator, negotiator and therapist. Unfailingly calm, Keenan smoothed the bumps inevitable in the business acquisition process, and was available each and every time we needed his guidance – even during the holiday season. We closed on the business in early January, and appreciate his partnership throughout the purchase process.

Oneliance, LLCMark Stevens, Owner

Greg White is one of the most organized, dedicated and hard-working professionals that I have ever worked with and he was there to help me along the way. Every time I had a doubt during the process he was extremely positive and walked me through the low points. I couldn’t have found the right buyer without Greg White and the Viking team. I would recommend Viking very highly; Greg White is a very kind individual and one of the hardest working people that I have ever been involved with.

Carolina Precision FibersFred Vincelli, Former Owner