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About the Selling Process

Whether you have already decided to sell your business or just want to loosely explore the topic, the first step is a meeting with one of our intermediaries.  We will ask questions about your business, tell you about our process, and answer any questions you might have.

After your initial consultation, we’ll prepare a free, no-obligation professional valuation of your business – which shows what we believe your business is worth, and who the likely buyer prospects are for your business.  In some cases owners may be interested in listing their business and engaging our services following this valuation, and in other cases they may only be planning for a potential sale a few years out.  In either case, we’d love to speak with you.

Once engaged, our team begins (anonymously) advertising your business and then fielding and qualifying all inquiries from prospective buyers.  To learn more about this phase and the rest of the selling process, please visit “The Selling Process” page on our website.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Anything that you discuss with our team will be held in strict confidence, and will be not be discussed with any other parties without your prior knowledge and consent.


Why Choose Viking to Sell Your Business?

  • 27 years in business
  • Over 800 business transactions
  • Average offer is within 5% of our asking price
  • Success rate (closing rate) is more than 3X the industry average

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