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Middle Tennessee continues to experience exciting growth, and Viking M&A is thrilled to match the dynamic pace by welcoming Ben Locke to our Nashville office. Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Ben’s journey to Nashville is as unique as his professional and athletic pursuits. An accomplished soccer player, Ben initially attended North Carolina State University on a scholarship, later transferring to Lipscomb University in Nashville to complete his undergraduate and graduate education in business, all while excelling as a student-athlete.

Ben’s entrepreneurial journey began during his MBA program, where he launched a business specializing in coworking spaces, rentals, and entrepreneurship programs catered to Nashville’s burgeoning creative market. This venture not only turned profitable within 2.5 years but also became a family affair, employing three of his five family members. After three successful years, Ben spearheaded the sale of the company in July 2022. This experience fueled his passion for working alongside other business owners and creating value in their lives.

The world of mergers and acquisitions appealed to Ben after his firsthand experience leading a business transaction. The character, values, and culture he found in Kyle Kerrigan and the team at the Nashville office influenced his decision to join the Viking M&A team.

Ben’s favorite aspect of the buying and selling process is human interaction and relationship-building; he recognizes these transactions as deeply personal endeavors that significantly impact clients’ lives. Additionally, Ben says, “Due to my past experience in running a creative business, I have a particular affinity for the creative industry here in Nashville. There is a strong network of unique small businesses and entrepreneurs in the city, and I hope to connect our expertise with this population whenever possible.”

Nashville Business Advisors: Why Viking is Here

Regarding the current M&A climate, Ben observes Nashville’s exceptional growth across all industries and its small-city charm as fertile ground for business opportunities. He emphasizes, “It is a great time to own a business in Nashville, and with high buyer demand, it also makes it a great time for business owners to sell and transition to a new phase of life.”

Advice If You Are Considering Selling a Business in Nashville

For business owners contemplating a sale, Ben advises against making decisions at emotional extremes. “Never let emotions get the best of you,” Ben cautions. “Owning a business is incredibly personal, which means the lows can make you feel like you are ready to sell yesterday, and the highs can make you feel like you never want to sell. I would caution against selling a business in either emotional extreme, high or low.”

He encourages an objective, measured approach. “It is ideal to sell when the business is trending upward, but owners should take their time with the decision. Evaluate the ‘why’ behind selling or not selling, and make the decision as objectively as possible.”


Advice If You Are Considering Buying a Nashville Business

As for prospective buyers, Ben highlights the importance of understanding local and industry trends. “In a market like Nashville, which has experienced — and is continuing to experience — rapid growth, the local outlook is strong,” says Ben. “As more people move into the city, the demand for local products and services grows.” 

He also stresses the importance of considering industry-specific demand and competition in making informed buying decisions. “Some industries are in high demand because there is less competition, while other industries are in high demand because of sheer consumer demand,” Ben points out. “Exploring businesses that match one or both of these criteria is ideal for buyers in the current market.”

Ben Locke’s unique blend of discipline, entrepreneurial success, and a deep understanding of the Nashville market makes him an invaluable asset to Viking and its clients. If you’re considering selling or buying a business, Ben and our team of Nashville business brokers will guide you with expertise and dedicated service.

Contact Viking today for a confidential consultation or business valuation at no cost and with no strings attached. We are here to assist you in navigating your business journey with knowledge, experience, and a personal touch.

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