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What Viking M&A Does

Are you looking to buy or sell a business in the most populous city in North Carolina? You’ve come to the right place. At Viking Mergers & Acquisitions, we’ve helped successfully close sales on more than 700 businesses since the firm was founded in 1996. Our business broker team has hundreds of years of combined experience buying and selling businesses, meaning that we know how to make sure you get every penny your business is worth. It’s this experience and our stellar reputation that makes us one of the largest, most prolific business brokers in the Southeast.

Being A Business Owner in the Queen City

Recently named the #1 city for economic opportunity by Yelp, and the #2 city for highest growth in small businesses by WalletHub, Charlotte is exploding with possibilities. The city is enjoying huge growth in a number of industries including healthcare, financial and professional services and technology. Known for its reasonable cost of living and average 226 days a year of sunshine, Charlotte is the third-fastest growing city in the nation. More than 1,000 internationally-owned companies have a presence in the region, which is served by the 7th busiest airport in the world.


Viking has called Charlotte home for the past 20+ years; it’s where our business started and it’s where we honed our expertise. And though we’ve expanded throughout the Southeast, our headquarters are right here in the Queen City. So if you’re considering selling your Charlotte business, why would you turn to anyone else?

Get in touch with us for expert guidance on preparing your Charlotte business for sale. We’ll work with you to maximize the value of your hard work and investment, putting your business in front of our 2,500+ strong network of pre-screened potential buyers while keeping your private info safe from tire kickers and competitors. Using our proven 7-step sales process, we’ll help you navigate the sale of your business.


Are you one of the estimated 102 people per day that comes to Charlotte? It’s no surprise; between the burgeoning business environment and plethora of attractions, Charlotte is a happening city. And whether you’re retiring and looking for a business opportunity to keep you busy, or you’re a long-time Charlotte resident who’s ready to take the plunge into being your own boss, Viking can help.

Viking is proud to have helped hundreds of people purchase businesses; in fact, 95% of the businesses we’ve sold are still open today. Get in touch with the Charlotte business brokers who have our fingers on the pulse of the market; contact Viking today to learn about businesses for sale in the Charlotte market.

What Else Can Viking Help Me With?

Mergers & Acquisitions

Need assistance with merging or acquiring a Charlotte business? Viking can help. Whether you’re looking to set up a minority ownership deal or need help working with private equity firms and strategic buyers, you’ll be glad to know we’re as well versed in M&A as we are in selling businesses outright.

Viking’s business brokers have a proven track record of selling businesses, and will work with the buyer on your behalf to negotiate a deal that gives you the cash you need while specifying your continued level of involvement. To learn more about Viking’s merger and acquisitions services, contact us today.

Brokerage Services

Viking specializes in selling businesses valued in the $1mm to $50mm+ range. And through the years, we’ve found that most businesses that are valued in this range are still being run by the original founder, who has his/her own specific reason for wanting to sell the business.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to sell, Viking can help you make it happen. We’ve spent 27 years building a network of thousands of prospective individual buyers, and we can get your business in front of it—and many times, our existing buyer pool snaps up businesses before we ever need to advertise elsewhere. Get started on the path to selling your business by contacting Charlotte’s most successful business brokerage firm for a free consultation and business valuation.

Confidential / Free Business Valuation

Certainly, you need to know what your business is worth when it’s time to sell. But there are a number of other reasons why you may need to know this figure. Perhaps you’re in the process of obtaining a loan and need to understand your net worth? Or maybe you’re doing estate planning or simply shopping around for life insurance? No matter what your reason, Viking’s proprietary business valuation approach will provide you with a transparent, accurate estimation of your business worth, based on data and science—not best guesses. And the best part is that it’s part of a no-cost consultation that we offer clients and potential clients. Certainly you’re curious; why not get in touch today to get your business valuation started?

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Charlotte, NC business owners who are thinking about selling or buying and need advice, reach out to our professional business brokers / advisors. Contact Us using the form on this page or by clicking here and visiting our main contact form. We’ll reach out quickly and confidentially!

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