75 Things To Do After You Retire


75 Things To Do After You Retire 

Spice up your Golden Years with these 75 things to do after you retire. 

Finding yourself bored in retirement is frustrating, but not uncommon. After all of the years of hard work, commuting and getting up early, most people dream of the day they can retire only to find they are struggling to stay busy. We may not realize it during our working years, but our careers are often closely tied to our identities and without them, we may begin to feel a lack of purpose or meaning in our lives.

Studies show that on average, it takes around 10 months for the joy of retirement to wear off and for mundanity to set it. After taking that first big vacation and sleeping for a week straight, retirees begin to wonder ‘what’s next?’ and may have a hard time planning a future feels meaningful. If you have found yourself in this predicament, we hope these 75 things can help reignite your spark and bring joy back into your golden years. After all, you have earned it!

  1. Travel
  2. Play a sport
  3. Learn to cook
  4. Spend time with family
  5. Get a job
  6. Volunteer
  7. Get a hobby
  8. Start or buy a business
  9. Learn to dance
  10. Adopt a pet
  11. Camp
  12. Road trip
  13. Renovate your house
  14. Take a class
  15. Teach
  16. Public service (political or local office, board member, etc.)
  17. Mentor someone
  18. Babysit
  19. Read
  20. Start a blog/Youtube channel/Podcast
  21. Learn a new instrument
  22. Learn a new language
  23. Grow a garden
  24. Join or start a fitness group
  25. Try a new activity (kayaking, whitewater rafting, or scuba diving)
  26. Crafts (pottery, paint, knit)
  27. Start a band
  28. Throw a party
  29. Join a club
  30. Meditate
  31. Get a Master’s or PhD
  32. Become a tour guide
  33. Become an activist
  34. Teach English
  35. Open an e-commerce store & sell your crafts
  36. Fix up cars, furniture, etc.
  37. Get active & healthy
  38. Start a collection
  39. Visit museums
  40. Hike national parks
  41. Make a bucket list
  42. Sew and knit clothing
  43. Write a memoir
  44. Have a craft fair booth
  45. Join or start a book club
  46. Host movie or game nights
  47. Host wine tasting or dinner parties
  48. Research your ancestry
  49. Attend sporting events
  50. Get a pilot’s license
  51. Learn mixology or make your own beer/wine
  52. Go fishing
  53. Visit local tourist spots and plan some day trips
  54. Coach a sports team
  55. Geocaching
  56. Photography
  57. Find a pen pal (Armed Services or child in need)
  58. Meditate/yoga
  59. Visit the 7 World Wonders of the World
  60. Go on a cruise
  61. Reconnect with spouse/friends/family
  62. Organize your house/ any space
  63. Donate your “work” clothes
  64. See the Northern Lights
  65. Feed the homeless/join Meals on Wheels
  66. Clean out your closet
  67. Buy a vacation house
  68. Buy a new car
  69. Pick your grandchildren up from school or other events
  70. Have a yard sale
  71. Get a motor home
  72. Move to a new city
  73. Renew your vows/get married
  74. Join a church
  75. Nothing!!