What are the benefits of partnering to grow your HVAC business?


2020 has brought on some unique challenges to HVAC business owners.  With those challenges its also presented a new set of opportunities for successful HVAC companies who are now looking to grow and seeing access to experienced industry partners who can help them scale.  There are significant benefits to partnering to grow an HVAC business.  Our team here at Viking has identified a few key benefits to help grow through partnership.

Ability to Scale

  • Your partner should have deep experience in the following:
  • Acquisition, sourcing, and integration
  • Service line expansion
  • Geographic expansion
  • Best practices for scaling operations in high-growth industries.
  • Broader regional expansion can result in stronger brand recognition and consumer trust
  • Development of organic growth strategies

Access to Capital

  • A strong partner can provide financial support of acquisition or organic growth strategies not available to other smaller- or mid-sized companies for example: connections to credible private equity firms.

Broader Capabilities

  • A strong partner can help you share best practices and industry knowledge and can help you create a network for shared leads and enhanced disaster response capabilities

Geographic Expansion

  • Enhances competitiveness when seeking new customers and contracts
  • Broader brand presence can be more attractive when competing for larger opportunities
  • Larger regional footprint conveys trust and value to clients

Best Practices

  • Will improve sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Training and knowledge sharing will improve both customer and employee retention
  • Operating efficiencies will reduce costs and enhance margins

While there are many other areas a partner can help you grow, these are critical areas for growth of any HVAC company.  Are you an HVAC owner/operate looking for a top-notch partner to take you to the next level? 

We are conducting an industry specific acquisition search and business valuations for a named and retained buyer who is looking to expand in the HVAC industry. Our business brokerage firm primarily serves entrepreneurs by creating successful exit strategies and succession plans through introducing them to corporate/strategic buyers and private equity groups to strengthen their current portfolio through platform acquisitions, mergers, or add-on acquisitions.

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