Brandon Smith

Associate Advisor

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions
414 Fayetteville St, Suite 216
Raleigh, NC 27601

Market Information

Brandon is a motivated, driven, analytical individual with an MBA in Finance & Financial Risk Management & a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, pursuing his interest in M&A. Until his MBA, he believed business development was his career path. However, as a STEM to MBA student he discovered a deep interest in finance during his initial MBA courses. This led to him learn about how he could incorporate the skills he learned in engineering to a finance role.

As he completed his MBA, Brandon continue looking for opportunities to learn more about, gain exposure to, and develop himself into an M&A professional. Brandon believes the analytical thinking and structured problem-solving skills he developed during his engineering education will support and align with a career in M&A as he works to structure deals. Brandon has positioned himself to be a valuable asset to Viking based on his unrelenting work ethic, desire to always do better, and ability and openness to learn from those that know best.