Larry Lawson

President, Florida Division

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Phone: 813-773-3772


Viking Mergers & Acquisitions
1000 N Ashley Drive, Suite 610
Tampa, Florida 33602

Market Information

Throughout the Southeast, Larry closed over 350+ transactions. Additionally, he sourced and raised funding for the buyers in excess of 900 million. Due to his efforts, Larry received national accolades for acquisition and divestiture successes. He attributes his 20 years of consistent transaction acumen to stringent attention to detail, to utilizing proven practices, and to working within a specialized team of individuals.

Larry began his career in manufacturing and distribution. His responsibilities included negotiating and facilitating supply contracts with worldwide retailers and original equipment manufacturers. This opportunity allowed Larry to gain the knowledge he uses today.

After successfully bringing the company to the public on the New York Stock Exchange, he spent the following six years buying, building, and divesting companies. During this period as a business owner buying and selling companies, Larry realized a strong need for professional intermediaries that understand an owner’s prospective while buying, operating, growing, and divesting a business.

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