• This founder owned business is a well-known and highly respected mechanical contractor that has been serving a large metro market area for over four decades.
  • The business performs large-scale, multifaceted projects and is one of area’s leading commercial HVAC and plumbing contractors.
  • The business specializes in new construction services and utilizes superior pre-planning, fabrication, and on-site job organization process that allows precise job calculations, minimizes job costs maximizes efficiency and job profitability.
  • The business services a diverse customer base that consists of commercial, institutional and large-scale residential customers.
  • The business operates with two departments and a skilled and tenured staff that includes licensed field supervisors, HVAC technicians, plumbing mechanics, laborers, office staff and more.
  • The business operates out a facility that contains sufficient office, manufacturing and storage space. The facility is owned by the owners of the business and is offered for lease at a competitive market rate.
This business was recently sold by Viking Mergers & Acquisitions. Please view our other listings or contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a business.