This premier high-end stone design and supply company has 35 years’ experience in the industry.   The current customer base is made up of luxury residential homes, commercial buildings, and notable historic sites in the Mid-Atlantic States.

With a dedicated, long-term and knowledgeable team in place, as well as engaged and trusted suppliers, the expertise needed to manage this business is in place and transferable.

  • This company is established and positioned as a well-respected broker/middleperson/ manufacturer’s rep for high-end architectural stone.
  • Distribution chain: Established relationships among high end residential architects & designers who specify our stone, and builders who choose to work with us.  Success as a respected and credentialed company for brokering stone and installation services for historical restoration, and government projects– acting as the middleperson – connecting end-user with materials and on-site restoration/installation services & experts.
  • Product: Long-term success in representing custom architectural stone manufacturers in Italy, Mexico and the United States has earned this company the respect and support of world class manufacturers.  This means that this company can offer unique and exclusive materials, across a wide range of stone materials (over 800 varieties of limestone, marble, quartzite, granites, etc).  No other company in the United States has such an extensive portfolio for custom stone.
  • Territory: no limits. Territory across United States and beyond.

Company Strengths:

  • No supply chain issues!
  • The company has solid partnerships with world-class fabricators and their in-house expertise has contributed to resounding success and stellar reputation in high-end commercial and residential markets.
  • Long-term and direct relationship with fabricators world-wide, ensuring consistent product availability.
  • No inventory is required.
  • Product is drop shipped from supplier to end user.
  • Business office can be located anywhere.
  • The company’s network of top pro masons and restorers allow them to take on high profile historical restoration and construction projects.

This business is a great fit for:

  • A strategic in the high-end residential or commercial construction or building supply market interested in taking advantage of the current growth.
  • An individual with the ability to take a growing business to the next level from both a financial and marketing perspective.
  • A financial buyer Interested in developing a footprint in the stone supply and/or distribution to high-end users

For more information on this listing, please contact Art Hawkins at 828-552-5512 or art@vikingmergers.com.

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