For the last 25 years, this firm has served a diverse customer base of business-to-business clients with negotiation training across a variety of industries and professional functions. This firm has two and a half decades of industry expertise and has built a world-class reputation for its high quality, market assessed curriculum, delivery processes & procedures, and customer service.

The firm provides on-premise and virtual instruction that is off-the-shelf, tailored, and customized to the client’s needs.  Programs range from partial to multi-day workshops that target sales and business development, supply chain and procurement, project and program management teams across the globe. Workshops are available on-premise and via virtual training.

  • The Company has a well-established, national customer base comprised of the largest, highly recognizable corporate entities across the globe.
  • Zero customer concentration
  • Can be operated from any US location
  • Fully developed infrastructure and core competency process built to scale immediately
  • Nearly unlimited pool of additional services available to grow into such as asynchronous online learning products, public enrollments, courses for consumers, etc.
  • The market for negotiation training is virtually unlimited and this firm has minimally invested in targeted marketing historically. Concentrated digital marketing campaigns represent a significant growth opportunity, using the firm’s email list of 6,000+ receptive emails and the purchase of lists (Sales, Supply Chain, US Government and Learning & Development executives)
  • Virtually untapped potential with professional sectors (i.e., real estate firms, large law firms, large non-profit organizations, consulting firms, and M&A firms)
  • GSA Schedule in place for selling to the US Government
  • Operator and teaching staff work and travel from home offices
  • Teaching consultants average 10 years on board
  • Intellectual property integration and infrastructure in place for immediate expansion

Call Josh Stamey or Greg Ponder at 704-676-4992 or email josh@vikingmergers.com and/or gponder@vikingmergers.com.

  • Revenue: $728,673

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $429,075


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