• This practice is founded, owned, and operated and is a full-service physical therapy and wellness practice that has been helping its patients for over 20 years.
  • The practice has been cash flowing over $350,000 in the last three years and revenue has increased year over year.
  • The practice has multiple sites that include a wellness center, full gym, and ample room for a full staff to create a pleasant experience for their patients.
  • The wellness center saw its first operating year in 2018 and since the end of the year has started to see its full capacity and cash flow in 2019 is trending up.



  • The practice specializes in work rehabilitation programs for individuals who have occurred an accident from overuse, sport & work injuries, and help their clientele get back to healthy functions to return to work.
  • The practice offers personal training within a full gym setting and wellness center with trainers on site that tailor specific workouts and exercises for their clients to reach their desired goals.


Opportunities for Growth

  • The practice has room and opportunity to increase physical therapists to ensure patients are seen urgently as well as grow the bandwidth of patients within the practice.
  • To increase revenue and cash flow the practice could staff or sublease space to individuals that specialize in massage, acupuncture, and other specialty therapists to offer extra services for its patient base.
  • The practice could expand its services by specializing in specific types of physical therapy (pediatric, geriatric, vestibular, neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, or sport).


Strategic Established Customer Base & Location

  • The practice is in multiple locations within the surrounding area all located in Class A buildings that are located near the areas hospitals and other medical nature practices which results in heavy walk-in traffic which results in the need for less outside advertising
  • The practice and the practices’ staff have developed a strong name with local doctors that creates a consistent referral basis for the business.


Our Competitive Edge

  • This practice has a staff that has been trained by the founder/owner in extensive assessment, movement impairment diagnosis, and experience that results in the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to a level consistent with current professional standards.
  • This practice has been privately held and is not part of a publicly held or franchised medical group in result has created a community-based setting that creates an overall better experience for all its patients.
  • The practice is operated out of three state of the art, recently built, facilities that include gyms, fitness/activities center, and efficient space to facilitate all their client’s requests and help them achieve their goals.


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