• This business has been pre-qualified for an SBA loan.
  • This Business is founder-owned with tenured management and skilled staff performing the day-to-day operations of the Business, allowing the owner a remote work-life when desired.
  • This Business is known for supplying, pre-fabricating, and installing interior and exterior, commercial doors, aluminum storefronts, bulletproof fixtures, and specialty glazing and lumber products.
  • This Business is situated in a high-functioning commercial facility with room for growth. The real estate is being offered for sale at appraised value, or a market rate lease will apply as it has been reduced from the cash flow numbers shown.
  • This Business has been operating in the same regional market for over 25 years.
  • This Business services a variety of General Contractors throughout the State of Florida, with a focus on commercial building products and installation services.
  • Serving as a one stop shop to its customers, this Business has developed a reputation for on-time, quality products and services, allowing customers minimal to no delay in their building construction timeline.
  • Strategically located near the interstate, this Business provides easy access for customers and employees throughout multiple major metropolitan areas in Florida.


Please contact Larry Lawson III (Tripp) of Viking M&A for more information at:

(813) 773-3778 or llawson3@vikingmerger.com

  • June 2023 TTM Revenue

    Revenue: $2,740,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $815,000

  • 2022

    Revenue: $2,595,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $590,000


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