Net Income Is Up 36% Over Last Year Through 8/31/21


  • Trailing 12 months revenues were $5 million & net income was $2 million thru 8/31/21
  • The company has been in business for over 15 years and has two divisions – a Healthcare IT Services Division and an SMB IT Services Division.
  • They are responsible for the purchase, setup, deployment and repair of field devices for their healthcare customer.
  • This customer has been a customer for over 10 years.
  • There could be potentially significant synergies for a new owner to provide services to this customer that our client isn’t currently capitalizing on – cyber security, VDI, data center ops, VMware, compliance audits, cloud migration & server maintenance.
  • The work that our client does for this healthcare customer could also be duplicated inside or outside of healthcare with other nationwide companies that deploy and recondition large quantities of field devices.
  • The SMB IT Services division provides Managed Services, IT projects, repairs, cloud services, network services and VOIP phone systems.
  • The company has a strong management team and a team of engineers in place.
  • This business has been pre-qualified for a 10-year SBA loan with a $556,000 down payment.   $200,000 of working capital is also provided by the lender.  There is no seller financing or working capital provided by the seller.
  • This is an impressive opportunity that will sell very quickly.

Please call Greg White at 704-561-2503 or by email at gwhite@vikingmergers.com.

  • Revenue:


  • Cash Flow:



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