This Business offers interested buyers the unique opportunity to own a highly successful private label manufacturing company that provides over 80 easily-recognized household and commercial private label brands with more than 800 unique products. The Business has double digit, year after year growth in revenue and owner cash-flow. 2018 revenue forecast is traveling above $4,000,000 with a 2018 cash-flow of $1,400,000. The business is founder owned and managed. The founder oversees a seasoned staff for the success of the business, thanks to the presence of a strong operational team who will stay in place post-closing to facilitate private label business development projects, operations, sales and administrative activities. This company is a leading business within their industry both nationally and internationally.


This business is a multi-faceted manufacturing company which specializes in multiple industries acting as both an in-house product company and a private label company.

As part of their in-house business they can use their products as a manufacturing distribution channel for all in house products including restore, clean, polish, protect, and maintain products. The in-house business provides the company to use these products as research and marketing tools to develop high quality products for their private label business.  This business also offers tips and instructions on using their products efficiently and to best use.

The private label business formulates and manufactures custom tuned restore, clean, polish, protect, and maintain products for various businesses within the industry. As the private label business, the partners have been offering industry-leading detailing products. Each product is unique to their client as they work together to create product consistency and industry leading supplies and solutions. The business as a contract manufacturer ensures all their private label clients strict confidentiality.


Facilities include a total of 20,000 square feet with a 3-year triple net lease. This breaks down to 90% of manufacturing space, 10% of office space, and ample parking for employees and clear ingress/egress and turnaround for tractor trailers. Landlord can add 10,000 square feet to the facility as needed for future growth

Listing Price: Market Offer

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