• For decades, this successful fresh food grocery store has provided the community with excellent customer service, establishing a notable brand in the market.
  • With its diverse product offerings of fresh produce, high-quality groceries, meats, and wines, the business serves as both a primary grocery store and a specialty shop for customers.
  • The business exhibits significant potential for growth, presenting opportunities to capitalize on the digitization of the grocery industry, new products, and geographic expansion.
  • The owners have gradually transitioned away from daily operations, with their General Manager now overseeing day-to-day activities, including managing supplier relationships, shipments, and maintaining competitive pricing. The General Manager is committed to the success of the operation and is eager to work with new management to help the business continue to flourish.
  • The Business benefits from seasoned, long-term management, administration, and highly motivated leaders at each location.
  • The stores are strategically located in prime retail shopping centers, on long-term leases, with consistently high foot traffic in growing areas of the state.
  • The Business offered for sale has been prequalified for both conventional and an SBA loan.
  • 2023

    Revenue: $24,750,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $1,925,000

  • 2022

    Revenue: $23,030,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $2,105,000


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Alan Misale

Managing Partner

With over 30 years of experience, Alan Misale is a seasoned professional who assists entrepreneurs in successful business transactions and exit strategies, leveraging his comprehensive expertise as a former business owner and corporate CFO, along with his military background, to provide a unique blend of operational, financial, and leadership knowledge.

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