Well-established, highly reputable company that was founded over 65 years ago. Over the course of time, they’ve developed a well-earned reputation as the “Go To” Premier Commercial Siding Company throughout the Carolinas. Their long-time focus on providing quality and service excellence to their customers in the commercial specialty siding market has opened many doors for them. Today they complete a wide variety of facilities including Government, Local Municipalities, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Retail Outlets, Grocery, and Parks & Recreation.

Additionally, they maintain a segment of business in the local retail residential market. Customers within driving distance include Residential Home Builders along with Individuals tackling “Do it Yourself” Home Remodeling Projects. Along with their Furnish & Install success, they also own and operate a small specialty building products supply division. Conveniently located, this has served local contractors and the public for almost 30 years.

Situated in one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S., this business is strategically located to take advantage of the explosive growth that has taken place and continues. Regional business development experts foresee this trend continuing well into the next several decades.

  • 2023

    Revenue: $4,000,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $980,038


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