The residential service plumbing company is a perfect platform for the first-time business owner or an add on acquisition for someone currently in the plumbing business. This business’s entire portfolio consists of high-margin residential service. They currently do not do any remodel or new construction work and are in no way tied to the housing and new construction markets or the volatility that is generally associated with those markets.

The company has six employees plus the seller and is currently operated out of the seller’s home office with a rented storage unit housing their supplies and inventory.

  • 2023

    Revenue: $1,063,083

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $412,097


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Merrell Stout

Managing Partner

Leading Viking’s efforts in Atlanta, North Georgia, and the Upstate of South Carolina, Merrell’s experience includes a series of successful technology startups, managing a market for a fortune 50 company, serving as CEO of a PE backed company, and making private equity investments as a general partner in a PE firm.  He holds a degree in Economics From Hampden-Sydney College and an MBA from the University of Rochester.

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