This Sports Memorabilia business has been operating for more than 30 years. The founding owners and operators have grown this Business from a sports card trading business to a multi-million-dollar wholesale, retail sports memorabilia business that offers additional products and services such as private autograph signings, collectibles, and novelties.

This authentic sports memorabilia and autograph business offers a full line of hand-signed memorabilia, sports novelties, authentic merchandise, and other hand-signed collectibles covering most major sports and athletes within the United States. The autograph portion of the Business strictly sells products which are generated through private signings. All product suppliers are US Companies that produce most of their products in the states. Currently the Business only offers its products and services domestically.

Opportunities For

This Business presents a great opportunity for strategic groups that offer similar products and would like to expand their customer base, vendor relationships, product lines, and increase their market share. This Business presents opportunity for an individual or family who has the passion for the collectibles memorabilia industry and sports as a whole. The Business generates strong revenue and cashflows. The industry is leaning towards a strong online presence which could help expand the business in various directions by adding international markets, sports, players, and products to increase sales and cash flow.

Real Estate

The Business’s corporate office warehouse can be leased from the owners of the Business at favorable terms. The above cash flow has been reduced to accommodate all cost associated with leasing the corporate office and warehouse. The Land and Building can be purchased in addition to the sale of the business. There is a long-term tenant that occupies a portion of the commercial real estate space that generates additional revenue for the owners of the business. The purchase price of the business does not include the Land & Building. The Land and Building are being offered at $700,000.

This business was recently sold by Viking Mergers & Acquisitions. Please view our other listings or contact us if you are interested in buying or selling a business.