Decades-old company completes high volume, technically complex, and multifaceted projects and is one of the largest in the southeast.

  • The Company provides its customers with a single source wear part purchasing source that significantly improves their supply chain efficiencies by consolidating their vendor base
  • Creates increased internal efficiencies for purchasing departments via cost savings, shorter lead-times and improved customer support levels
  • Well-established, global, customer base that is comprised of the largest, highly recognizable, manufacturing companies in the world
  • Supplier base of more than 7,300 vendors in the US and Europe
  • Long-tenured and highly engaged team with a physical presence in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Overseas labor expenses are compressed compared to the US market, creating greater and more affordable funding potential for continued global expansion
  • Company culture built upon a foundation of trust and shared purpose which has created a highly engaged team with long tenure
  • The clean and modern office setting has a “advertising firm environment” which supports a transparent and collaborative workplace
  • Physical presence both domestic & internationally is an industry anomaly and allows the company to provide complete service well beyond its competitors
  • The leadership team is highly engaged and supports an entrepreneurial culture that encourages accountably and individual project ownership
  • The founder does not have a significant role in daily operations

Contact Josh Stamey or 704-676-4992.

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