• For decades, this multi-location youth dance business has been a staple in its community by establishing a strong, trusted brand with their clientele.
  • The flagship service of the Business consists of weekly dance classes billed on a monthly basis, complemented by additional revenue streams including ticket sales, merchandise, and a summer camp for students.
  • Despite enduring several recessions, including the challenges posed by COVID-19, the Business has consistently observed the resilience of parents spending on children’s activities, a trend that remains steadfast even during economic downturns.
  • The business demonstrates significant potential for growth, presenting opportunities to capitalize on geographic expansion into new markets. The processes and systems created by the owner have been successfully replicated in several other markets, proving the potential for a franchising opportunity.
  • The Business benefits from seasoned, well-tenured instructors and management at each location.
  • The state-of-the-art studios are strategically located in prime retail shopping centers, secured on long-term leases, situated within affluent communities with high foot traffic.
  • The Business offered for sale has been prequalified for an SBA loan.
  • 2023

    Revenue: $3,070,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $1,218,000


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Alan Misale

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With over 30 years of experience, Alan Misale is a seasoned professional who assists entrepreneurs in successful business transactions and exit strategies, leveraging his comprehensive expertise as a former business owner and corporate CFO, along with his military background, to provide a unique blend of operational, financial, and leadership knowledge.

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