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One question many of our Tampa clients often ask is, “Why is a business valuation (or appraisal) so important?” The answer is multifaceted. Certainly, when it’s time to sell your business, having a credible business valuation will give you a strong idea for an asking price.

But, business valuations are a valuable tool to have even if a business sale isn’t in your near future. From getting the right life insurance policy to getting a loan or working with your financial advisor to plan your estate, it’s imperative that you know what you’re worth—and as someone who owns a business, that business’ value is likely to comprise much of it.

Viking Mergers & Acquisitions of Tampa has created a highly-accurate, proprietary approach to business valuations / appraisals. Here’s what’s involved in the Viking valuation approach:


Our business valuations get the numbers right; in fact, when we provide clients with a business valuation, most business’ sell for 96% or more of our original valuation number. Confident with your valuation, you can make important business decisions knowing that in most situations, our valuation is within 5% of the final selling price. Viking’s experienced professionals know the ins-and-outs of business financials and how to focus on the numbers that really count.


With two decades and more than 500 successful business sales under our belt, Viking’s sales professionals have developed a keen sense of the things that increase business value and the things that can cause it to sink. We’ll put all of that experience to work for you, giving you actionable advice on ways to boost your business’ value, making it more attractive to prospects —and more lucrative for you.


At Viking, there’s no “magic formula” that we use to determine your business’ appraisal. When we provide you with a final number, we also provide you insight into the math we used to get to that number. Unlike other brokers, we welcome questions about our methodology so that you can fully understand the process, getting answers to any questions you have before your business is listed for sale.


At Viking, we aren’t just business brokers; the majority of us have bought and sold our own businesses and have an intimate understanding of everything that goes into building a successful organization—and the mixed emotions that can come when it’s time to sell. This personal knowledge was a key factor in our valuation model development, and it means that you’ll be working with people who have been in your shoes.


“How much do businesses like this typically sell for?” While some firms may give you their best guess, Viking is able to refer to more than 20 years of data to get you a real answer. Looking at our own data as well as data from other brokers in the industry, we truly have our fingers on the pulse of what businesses are selling for, and can give you an informed answer.



If you’re selling your Tampa business, a valuation or professional business appraisal will be key to your success. It’s imperative that you have a fair, accurate account of your organization’s value not only so that you know for yourself, but so you can correctly represent your business to buyers.

Prospective buyers will analyze your valuation as part of their due diligence. Viking Mergers will make sure you’re ready to stand up to the scrutiny and answer any questions that arise with a solid business valuation.

Ready to move forward with your business valuation for your Tampa business? Here’s what’s needed to complete it:

  • Lease info
  • Equipment list
  • Most recent 3 years of Federal tax returns
  • Most recent 3 years of Profit and Loss Statements (+Interim P&L)
  • Balance Sheets
  • The average value of your saleable product on hand at any time of year
  • Most recent real estate appraisal
  • Most recent tax bill on real estate (if real estate is included in the sale)
Getting to the Correct Valuation