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Our representative, Kevin Carlisle of Viking Mergers was very professional, helpful and great to work with throughout the process of selling our business. We first met Kevin back in March of 2018, my husband John and I were skeptical that he could find a qualified buyer that would be interested, within days he had appointments and interviews scheduled for us. Throughout the process we wanted to make sure we had the best buyer to fit our needs and those of our employees. Kevin was always enthusiastic to embrace change and very dedicated in finalizing the deal. We finally closed in August 2020, we had a few setbacks with Covid-19 delaying our close date, but I can honestly say we owe this sale to Kevin for being highly organized and dedicated.  He was always there to help with paperwork and answer questions and spent many nights and weekends working on the final closing documents. Most importantly, I could tell he took our best interest to heart, and that he really cared, as he knew it meant so much to us.


Keenan Moran did outstanding work throughout the process.  He was always there when I needed him.  He kept me posted throughout the sale process and he was always very responsive.  Our daughter, the attorney, was so pleased with the job he and Viking did, she’s referred other clients of hers to Keenan. My health is the best it’s been in years.  Zero stress and I’ve lost 80 pounds since we sold.  We bought a place at the beach and I love spending time down there with the kids and our granddaughter.  All in all, life is really good!

Builders Fireplace & Supply

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and phenomenal follow-up. Since a deal fell by the wayside due to covid last spring, it’s been a long journey searching and I have not before nor since had any kind of experience with a broker like I have had with Dan Wilson.

Prospective Buyer

Viking Mergers