TTM Revenue (April 2024): $4,445,000
TTM Adjusted EBITDA (April 2024): $881,000

2023 Revenue: $4,292,000
2023 Adjusted EBITDA: $799,000

  • This consulting company has been in business for 15+ years.
  • This Firm specializes in providing transportation systems support services to municipal, county, and state government agencies.
  • This Firm has long-term contracts in place with an ample backlog of work.
  • This Firm’s services include full-service support that includes in-house IT services, field device deployment and integration support, engineering services, project management support, and staffing of traffic management centers throughout the State.
  • The Seller is seeking to partner with a strategic group and growth opportunities for the business. Seller is seeking creative offer structures that include equity rollover structures, along with an extended transition period in a management or consultant role.
  • For seller’s role post-closing, an on-going market salary for the seller’s role to remain working in the company has been deducted from the Adjusted EBITDA stated above.
  • This consulting company for sale in Florida has been prequalified for an SBA loan.
  • 2023

    Revenue: $4,292,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $799,000


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