Founded by two industry veterans, this large-scale regional disaster restoration company has created a strong regional presence and is built to scale with an exceptional leadership team and technologically advanced infrastructure.

  • Fast-growing multi-regional presence with zero customer concentration
  • Technicians utilize up to date technology for diagnostics, parts and are trained to identify latent and/or potential issues associated with each project
  • The Company provides its customers with a single source, industry-best, disaster restoration service with a multi-regional footprint
  • Infinite source of potential customers including residential homeowners, property managers, insurance companies, etc. This company performs well in any economic conditions
  • Company structure is technologically advanced, with the most up to date and equipment, processes and efficiencies, producing shorter lead-times and improved customer support levels. CRM integration and infrastructure in place for immediate expansion
  • The Company has a well-established, regional, customer base that is comprised of the largest national, highly recognizable, real estate & insurance companies
  • Advanced 3D virtual claim documentation technology tool allows the company to capture restoration jobs in photo-realistic 3D with accurate dimensions and interactive BIM to enhance planning/training significantly reducing cost & labor
  • 24 employees, full-time, including the owners
  • 50 subcontractors scattered in multiple geographic locations with 150+ onsite technicians

Exponential growth anticipated for 2021!

  • Revenue:


  • Cash Flow:



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