This company excels in delivering high-quality lighting solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Their exclusive dealership agreement with a patented lighting manufacturer allows them to provide exceptional design, installation, and maintenance services that enhance the aesthetics and ambiance of various spaces. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, they have earned a solid reputation for surpassing expectations and generating referral business. The market for their lighting solutions is experiencing significant growth, presenting an appealing opportunity for buyers.

Financially, the company demonstrates impressive performance, including revenue growth and brand recognition, with potential for further expansion through commercial service contracts. With the owner’s role outsourced to the operations manager, adding a sales manager would effectively handle the daily influx of leads. Overall, this company’s market presence, commitment to excellence, and solid financial performance make it an exciting and attractive investment opportunity.


These services come with a lifetime warranty and its patented channel system makes it nearly invisible during the day. Here are their specialized services:

  • Permanent Holiday & Accent Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Landscape & Architectural Lighting
  • Security & Down Lighting
  • Dock, Deck, Patio Lighting
  • Event Lighting
  • Backyard & Pool Lighting

Company Strengths:

  • No licensing required.
  • Fully programmable features with 16M color options, animated patterns, and a lifetime warranty allow for year-round applications, so users never have to hang lights again.
  • Full marketing exclusivity in a major metropolitan area from the manufacturer who also contributes heavily to training and marketing efforts. The agreement is indefinite and assignable.
  • Patent on the product design including minimizing glow to neighbors.
  • Reasonable Pricing of $2-7k far surpasses product alternatives for full lighting solutions.
  • Software in place to manage inbound sales leads, quotes, and financing.
  • Customer-oriented team exhibits superb customer service and engagement, never leaving until the job is complete.
  • Leadership team in place for the operations and installations, eliminating much of the day-to-day work for the owner.

Growth Opportunities:

  • The commercial sector is an untapped opportunity with huge upside potential. The product is directly applicable to any business hoping to attract more attention such as car dealerships and restaurants.
  • Adding a sales manager to run in-home appointments would enhance lead-to-close ratios while freeing up time for the operations manager to run the day-to-day.
  • Partnering with vendors in other home and commercial services such as landscaping, roofing, and building would provide a steady flow of referral business.
  • The event lighting space has phenomenal margins and has not been pursued by the current ownership. Partnerships with other event vendors would be a great entryway into that side of the industry.
  • Revenue:


  • Cash Flow:



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