Location: Multi-State & Online

  • For several decades, this well-established trade school for sale has been operating as one of the top specialty trade training providers in the industry.
  • This Business is the premier training provider for individuals, commercial businesses, domestic and foreign governmental entities specializing in their respective field.
  • The Business offers numerous nationally accredited and approved online and in-person educational training courses, making it one of the largest operators in its industry nationwide.
  • Content for the coursework is owned by the Business and developed internally.
  • Many of the offered courses require post-licensing examinations and continuing education, both of which the Business provides. This can potentially lead to strong customer retention and future revenues.
  • The Business offers drug testing programs for licensees before, during, and after they have obtained their licenses. This can potentially lead to future recurring revenue.
  • The Business employs long-term management and the top educators in the industry, including dozens of instructors with strong tenure.
  • This school for sale has been prequalified for an SBA loan.
  • Real estate is offered for sale or lease. A fair market rent rate has been deducted and is reflected in the cash flows stated above.
  • 2022 Revenue

    Revenue: $5,253,000

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $1,182,000

  • 2023 (Jan-June)

    Revenue: $2,980,500

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $519,000


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