Lifestyle Business – Work 8 Months Per Year

This lifestyle business has a 10-year track record of continual success. It is located in one of the highest growth major metro markets in the U.S., which will support ongoing expansion of both the top and bottom lines.

You’ll only need to work about 8 months per year as you’ll have an extremely light workload in June, July, December & January, which will leave you plenty of time to spend with those closest to you. There is, however, weekend work involved during 6 of the working months.

Owing to its unique business model and its control of distribution in this major metro area, the company has no competition in its market. It also has very deep relationships with its existing clients. The main responsibilities of the owner include maintaining these relationships as well as sales and presentations for its customers and referral sources.
Additionally, it is a largely variable cost business. There is minimal overhead and working capital required to operate it. There are no W-2 employees or office space required for day-to-day operations.

This deal has already been prescreened by SBA lenders and the seller is willing to potentially finance a portion of the purchase price for the right buyer.

Listing Price: Market Value


  • 2023

    Revenue: $1,751,432

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $370,421


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