Nationwide Voice over IP SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX telephone service provider.  Endorsed by a major, global PBX manufacturer as the preferred US provider for SIP trunking services.  Their services include installed and hosted business PBX telephone systems, SIP trunking, managed security, telecom consulting, and related services and hardware.

Company Strengths:

  • Endorsed as the preferred SIP trunking provider by a global and respected IP PBX manufacturer
  • Established top tier industry relationships and deep discounts with the industries leading wholesale providers
  • Advanced billing and provisioning systems support end users, resellers, and white label solutions to other VoIP providers
  • Licensing and software in place to support exponential growth with no additional capital outlay
  • Revenue:


  • Cash Flow:



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Dan Wilson

Managing Partner

Dan Wilson, an experienced entrepreneur and IT service provider, joins Viking Mergers with a wealth of firsthand knowledge in mergers and acquisitions, aiming to guide and protect fellow entrepreneurs through the complex process of planning their exit strategies, while actively contributing to various organizations and bringing professional representation to the Raleigh, NC market.

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