Business Overview: This well-established distributor of specialty non-food products is based in a major, fast-growing Southeastern metropolitan market with a strong presence in other nearby cities. Established with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the company offers a diverse range of products across several categories and services to a variety of industries. They are poised for continued growth into new markets across the region by leveraging their existing infrastructure and further expanding their product portfolio.

2021 Revenue: $15,732,888
2022 Revenue: $18,783,449
2023 Revenue: $19,309,431
2021 Gross Profit: $5,043,634
2022 Gross Profit: $5,898,309
2023 Gross Profit: $6,225,865

Investment Considerations
• Significant presence in core markets
• Diverse and long-standing customer base
• Knowledgeable and tenured key employees
• Branded products and exclusive distribution rights
• Full breadth of products
• Commitment to exceptional service

Listing Price: Market Value

  • Revenue: $19,309,431

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $2,080,336


What best describes you?

Kyle Kerrigan, Nashville, TN

Kyle Kerrigan

Managing Partner

Kyle, with over 20 years of experience in business development, finance, and operations from renowned companies, leads Viking Mergers & Acquisitions' efforts in the Nashville, Tennessee market, bringing expertise in successful turnarounds, operations, and finance from his previous roles at GNC, Carrier Corporation, and FedEx, enabling him to guide entrepreneurs through the crucial process of selling their businesses.

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