• Newly listed woodworking manufacturing business for sale in Florida. The company is the leader in Florida in supplying modern machinery in the woodworking space.
  • Offering comprehensive manufacturing solutions, encompassing design, machine sourcing, installation, and maintenance, this Business serves as a one-stop destination. Its offerings include new and used machinery, equipment leasing, parts, appraisals, and servicing.
  • Representing leading machine manufacturers renowned for their innovative technologies, the Business ensures access to cutting-edge equipment.
  • Catering to diverse clientele, including woodworking, furniture, cabinetry, construction, and millwork sectors, the Business has established a wide-ranging customer base.
  • The current owner of The Business is willing to provide consultancy support to facilitate a seamless transition for the new owner.
  • The operating facility is spacious, the Business boasts ample office and warehouse space for inventory management.
  • 2023

    Revenue: $2,819,527

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $197,693

  • 2022

    Revenue: $2,582,851

    Adjusted Cash Flow: $198,699


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